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This dark liquid comes from the inside bark of the Tabebuia Avellanedae tree, which displays a red trumpet like flower and grows in the High Andes. It has been promoted and extensively researched in modern times by Prof. WalterAccorsi at the University of  Piricicaba in Brazil.  This incredible liquid has a remarkable provenance going back to references by Humboldt the explorer, who described its qualities in his treatise on travels in South America dating back to 1790. The liquid extract is carefully prepared and is available in 30ml and 60ml opaque bottles with a dropper attached. It  is used against both viral and bacterial infections, and has been deployed in cancer cases in South America for well over a hundred years.  It should be used at the very first sign of any infection, and together with Benjaloka, forms a first line of defence against any oncoming infection. Every household should have a supply in readiness.


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