RRP. On application, but ranging from £50 for a box of 20 tablets.


A few short years ago, a high level Russian general held a meeting in Milan, and handed over the rights to 21 SCPs which had been developed over the previous 35 years at the Army Medical Academy in Kirov. Included in their development were double blind trials involving 34,000 military personnel, so there is ample scientific evidence to back up their efficacy. SCPs are highly effective immuno-modulators. These act on individual specific organs in the body to produce a normal balance or homeostasis. There are separate SCPs for 21 different organs in the body, ranging from the brain and CNS, to those for the pancreas, heart, liver, kidneys, lungs etc.  For instance, with Thyrogeon which acts on the thyroid gland, it will restore the gland to a normal function, regardless as to whether the gland is over active or under active; ie. hypo or hyper-thyroidism. There are two main approaches with these SCPs: A maintenance course consists of one box of 60 tablets lasting 40 days, including a 10 day rest period.  It is advisable to add a smaller amount of Vladonix as an enabling peptide, which has the advantage of enhancing the production of vital T-cells in the thymus, a small endocrine gland which decreases markedly with age.

For a more advanced form of treatment, an impact course is advised,consisting of a swift 30 day, non-stop course of the relevant SCP, consisting of 3 boxes of 60 tablets, together with an advisable box of Vladonix.


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